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Bulletin Board

  Narragansett Chapter TU 225,  would like to thank all who donated and participated in our Annual Banquet.

We all look forward to seeing you at next years banquet.

 * Congratualtions to This years Lawson Cary Award Winner Joeseph Grenon


   ***  The April edition of the Long Cast will soon be posted under the Newsletter Tab


Attention any and all interested Members

* The Chapter is seeking a member interested in a position on the Board of Directors for the Secretary position. 

 Please contact any Board Member if you are interested.


2014 Coming Events

  April 26th @ 9:00 AM :

  TU 225 Annual Spring Streamside Clean up  
        We will meet at the RT. 165 Check Station parking area

 April 30th @ 7:00 PM meeting :  This will be our final indoor meeting for the season
 Captain Jim Barr from Skinny Waters Charters and Gudie Service in Newport, RI.


 He will be presenting at our last indoor meeting this spring. It will be a seminar on Rhode Islands infamous Cinder Worm Hatch.




Remaining Indoor Meeting Date;  April 30

Spring/Summer Meetings @ the RT 165 Arcadia Management Check Station

May28, June 25, July 30, August 27

Chapter News

President’s Message for April 2014

President’s Message for April 2014

Is Spring here yet?  After this Winter we have all endured, let’s hope so.  April is a wonderful month for TU225.  Fishing season opens in RI and CT at nearly the same time, our habitat improvement projects start in earnest, the mood amongst our anglers changes from anxiety to satisfaction, and we realize quickly how busy our agendas become as we add hours of recreational fishing to our already busy schedules.  Remember, fishing is supposed to be FUN!  One of the issues that is new for us this year is that, after concluding a busy year of data taking, report writing, and making our report a little better one-step at a time, we finally have a Report from our Habitat Assessment Group (HAG) for our results from 2013, and we are posting that Report on our Website.  It is there primarily for our members and partners so that they can see what we found in our favorite local watershed.  This Report is intended to be a first step in assessing our fish habitat, and create a baseline upon which we will develop trends for the first year’s data.  I also would like to mention that because this Report is in the public domain, we may also become targets for misinterpretations and misuses of parts of this Report…but that is not a bad thing.  In fact, it will help support our intent in forming the HAG and developing this and ensuing Reports so that we all will learn more about our fisheries and be able to make better fact-based decisions as we do our “due diligence” on the applicability of the TU stocking policy and other issues concerning our local fisheries as our Chapter moves forward.  We thank our partners and associates who offered constructive comments and facts to help make this Report a useful and educational tool to make us all informed anglers.  In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful month and all it brings to us after the brutal Winter that has passed.  I hope you all have a new batch of flies, sharp hooks, and clean line to start the season.  I hope to see you all at the Annual Banquet on 5 April and on the freshwater streams starting 12 April and on the saltwater shorelines as soon as the Stripers show up.  Have wonderful April!

2014 TU225 Banquet Door Prize

  Congartualtions to Joe Grenon on winning this fine door Prize. Interestingly enough he won with a ticket he had purchased for another members daughter who could not attend. His name was written in on that card by her mom, and then turned in to increase his chance of winning. Well they say what goes around comes around. Joe won with the ticket entered for him, not the with one he entered after buying his own, but instead with the one he purchsed for the members daughter who could not attend. Now thats good karma. 

Thank you to Jay Bouyer who donated this gorgeous hand crafted Fly Rod, Fly Rod Sock, and Fly Rod Holder.

  The work that Jay and his wife (the rod sock) have put into the creation of the items is second to none.

  Everyone who attended and buought a ticket for the Banquet was entered into the drawing for this incredible prize. 

  You read it right, they simply purchased a ticket to the banquet and all were entered for a chance to win !

  The winner took home this gorgeous combination April 5th and he will treasure this prize for a lifetime.

  Click on the blue headline to open the article and then click the attatchment to see this terrific prize.



Presidents Message February 2014

Well, I have heard of March coming in as a lion, but it seems February 2014 decided to take on that roll this year.  Like most of you, I am a little tired of two things right now: 1) shoveling snow every 3-4 days, and 2) watching my fishing gear collect dust.  Since we only have to the end of this month to enjoy fishing our favorite trout waters, I hope Mother Nature offers us some breaks in between cold fronts, and just as important, I hope our friends in neighboring States are well prepared for the annual RI invasion of their favorite trout waters for the 6 weeks starting 1 March.  Reportedly there are still plenty of feisty trout in the Wood River, and I hope we all get a chance to check that out before the approaching break in the RI freshwater fishing season.

Your Annual Banquet Committee continues to put the plans together for a wonderful Annual Banquet on 5 April.  Besides the excellent buffet dinner, numerous auctions and raffles will make new fishing gear, guided fishing trips, signature and locally-tied proven flies, a hand-crafted rod, case, and net from Jay Boyer, a canoe from Dave Miles, books, artwork, jewelry, gift cards, and much more available to all attendees.  This year's Banquet will provide much more value than the $30-ticket costs.  But before the Banquet, Steve Culton will provide all members who attend the 26 February meeting with his expert advice and counsel on wet fly fishing.  Steve is an entertaining and very informative presenter, fly angler, guide and fly tier, and his presentation will likely provide some new tactics and techniques that may help you improve your catch rates through all seasons of the year.  So stay warm and safe, and I hope to see all of you at the membership meeting on 26 February as well as at the Annual Banquet on 5 April.  Tight lines!  Ron Marafioti

President’s Message for January 2014

Happy New Year!! I hope all of you have had the chance to celebrate the arrival of 2014 appropriately. I also hope that, despite the ‘polar vortex’s’ and a few flurries here and there, that none of you are suffering from the “shack nasties” (a Benson term from a 2012 Long Cast). Your new Board is now in place, and I must tell you that, from the Board’s perspective, this is an exciting time of year, because we spend most of our time discussing and planning the events, presentations, projects, and the like that will be scheduled throughout the rest of 2014. Most of the discussions this month have been about presentations (I hope you all will be at the Elk’s on the 29th to ‘learn’ something about steelheading from the Grenon brothers), and, of course, the Banquet on 5 April. The Board still needs two super-talented volunteers to serve as Secretary and Treasurer, so please consider serving TU225 in one of those positions and let me know at January meeting. Everyone will have plenty of opportunities over the next year to serve in volunteer capacities…from helping with conservation and stream restoration projects, cleanups, tutoring, teaching, and on and on…more on all that in upcoming months. On the fishing scene, we haven’t had any 400cfs days this December and January, and the Wood River has been fishing well for some. The gates are now closed, so more walking is involved if you plan on fishing the remote holes…200 square inches of orange are now required as well. Wishing the best to all of you for a happy and healthy 2014!

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